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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Business Author Encourages Students To Smoke Pot and Drop Out of School

Successful business entrepreneur’s entertaining new book teaches online entrepreneurship while dispelling the myth of the pothead loser

Chronic Marketer

Chronic Marketer

Quote startPublic school was designed to prepare you for the factory floorQuote end

April 19, 2012

Orangeville, Ontario: Brad Gosse is a successful online entrepreneur, keynote speaker and the creator of hundreds of popular marketing and digital products for business owners. He’s also a marijuana smoker and high school dropout and encourages others to follow his path in his new book “Chronic Marketer: Confessions of A Half-Baked (but Highly Paid) Internet Marketer,” available April 20. ”

“Public school was designed to prepare you for the factory floor, said Gosse. “Repetitive learning, testing, bells, schedules, discipline, authority, conformity and losing the ability to think for yourself are all side effects of the current system. I believe that we now live in a world where information is at our disposal and our information age has made public education obsolete.”

Instead of wasting time in school or racking up large amounts of debt for a university degree, Gosse says people should start an internet-based business for themselves. His message echoes other successful internet entrepreneurs such as Paypal cofounder and Facebook investor Peter Thiel.

“Every day new opportunities present themselves on the Internet,” said Gosse. “Those of us who spend our time working online recognize and exploit those opportunities whenever possible. You don’t have to be a genius to pull this off. You just have to have an idea that’s unique and cool. If other people like it they’ll share it with their friends that also think it’s cool.”

Gosse’s book chronicles his career path for several different online business ventures and provides lessons and advice to budding internet entrepreneurs. His book addresses matters both business and personal directly and to the point, including advice on overcoming fear, valuing your ideas, personal branding and dealing with people – including difficult customers.

For those who say it is “too late” to start an internet business, Gosse asks them to consider that the Internet is a fairly recent technology that is still undergoing change and presenting opportunities.

“Think about how much television has changed since it was 20 years old, that’s how new the Internet is, “said Gosse. “We are all still poking around in the dark testing things to see what works and what doesn’t. There will always be room for new players who want to change the game. It doesn’t mean you have to be a computer scientist or an engineer. You can be a pothead dropout like me, and never have to answer to a boss again.”

As for smoking pot, Gosse says it helps him relax and solve problems.

“I’m not saying that smoking pot makes me (or anyone) creative, I was creative long before I discovered getting high, but getting high amplifies my creativity,” he said. I can smoke a joint and then troubleshoot just about any problem and come up with a solution faster than anyone. My business requires me to use my brain in unconventional ways.”

For those that would dismiss an audience of pot-heads consider this, Gosse said there are currently 200,000 people who will be notified when his book is released on April 20.

“Chronic Marketer” will be available April 20 at and

Brad Gosse is a serial entrepreneur with online marketing experience dating back to 1997. Brad got his start in the lucrative adult entertainment business and learned how to run an online business in this highly competitive space. Today Brad's company sells over 300 "intangibles" as Brad describes them and employs people around the globe