Monday, November 26, 2012 Guest Blog Post Covers New LinkedIn Profile Pages

Luis Miguel Rodriguez, Creative Director at HeyNow Interactive, wrote the latest Digital Marketer blog post on the latest LinkedIn changes.
Quote startThough it’s still invite only, Rodriguez got a sneak peek at the new LinkedIn profiles and filled readers in on the details.Quote end
Austin, TX  November 26, 2012
The most recent blog post from comes from guest blogger Luis Miguel Rodriguez, who works as Creative Director at HeyNow Interactive. His expertise helps blog readers understand the latest moves by, which has revamped its profile page.
Though it’s still invite only, Rodriguez got a sneak peek and filled readers in on the details.
“For a while, LinkedIn was the ugly duckling of social sites with no pizazz or visually appealing imagery. To make things worse, all its previous makeovers weren’t necessarily any better than the ones they replaced,” wrote Rodriguez in the post.
He goes through the new features and the “sexy” new look, and comments on LinkedIn’s acknowledgement of the visual features of the internet.
“Now the site is finally zoning in on the visual revolution,” the post said. “They’ve taken a simple, sleek approach to their new design which makes showcasing your work and connecting with others a boost to professional identity.”
Ultimately, Rodriguez concludes that with the new LinkedIn profiles, “all the pieces have come together quite beautifully.”
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