Monday, November 26, 2012

Social Media Marketing Firm, fishbat Inc., Releases a Statement Regarding Social Media Branding Strategy

Following a recent story by the Rock Hill Herald detailing four social media rules that professional sports teams are using for their brands, fishbat, a social media marketing company, releases a statement regarding importance of social media branding.

Bohemia, NY  November 26, 2012
On November 26, 2012, the social media marketing firm, fishbat Inc., releases a statement regarding the importance of social media branding. Social media is evolving and growing at high speed. Nick Renna, Social Media Strategy Manager for fishbat, shares the necessity for clarity and alignment in your social media branding strategy.
According to the Rock Hill Herald, three of America’s best and largest professional sports teams: the Detroit Pistons, Indianapolis Colts, and Baltimore Ravens are sharing their rules for running a successful social media brand program. The article reports that these teams have identified the following four rules: “Create Content No One is Making”, “Balance Quantity with Quality (Not Quality over Quantity)”, “Don’t use One Voice – Use Many”, and “Sharing Beats Stalking.”
“Social networks are always expanding and new social platforms are launching all the time,” Nick Renna, fishbat’s Social Media Strategy Manger, commented. “This makes it essential to have a clear social media branding strategy so you can consistently deliver your message and unique content across any and all [social media marketingplatforms when needed. You want to keep your brand on the cutting edge of any new social media platform that can help better your business. Having brand clarity prepares you to deliver consistency and ensures brand alignment through all of your marketing channels.”
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