Tuesday, December 18, 2012

LocalUSAListings.Com Now Offers Business Listings for All States; Introduces New Search Features

LocalUSAListings.Com talks about its new service and the benefits it offers online users. The internet directory also discusses its website’s latest features. It also relates how they offer value to businesses coming from different states.
Quote startLocalUSAListings.Com’s new feature is the first thing online users will see upon visiting their website. All 50 states are present, allowing the website to localize users’ business searches.Quote end
 December 18, 2012
LocalUSAListings.Com, one of the most promisingdirectories online, is now offering business listings for all states. The website initially covered Arkansas, Los Angeles, and Philadelphia upon launch. The online directory, however, has opened its service to all states to fulfill its original goal. The local listing plans to be the top directory listing and information website for businesses across United States.
Localizing All States
LocalUSAListings.Com’s new feature is the first thing online users will see upon visiting their website. All 50 states are present, allowing the website to localize users’ business searches. According to the online directory, it initially focused on only a few states. There was only a limited amount of resources and manpower to even achieve a significant amount of listings.
The online listing also shared that this enabled them to maintain their standards. It also ensured the accuracy of information they put on the website. After receiving positive feedback and securing the successful launch, however, the directory listing started covering all states. It has also started collecting as much relevant information to provide their users. The online listing is on its way to becoming a large value network for both online users and businesses.
Simplifying Searches
Other than covering all states, LocalUSAListings.Com has made searching easier by sorting out businesses by industry. Travelers can now easily locate hotels. Foodies can learn about the newly opened restaurants. Even couples and families can find the real estate company they need. Businesses, on the other hand, may enjoy the accessibility that this new feature offers.
Online users will be happy to know about the new and improved layout, which now features reviews and ratings. People can also know whether a business is new or featured. This helps them make better decisions about their purchases. Businesses, on the other hand, get to enjoy the traffic that these new services and features offer them.
LocalUSAListings.Com is inviting all businesses to get listed for free; all they have to do is register. This small investment of time enables them to provide exposure to their companies and generate traffic to their websites.
About LocalUSAListings.Com
LocalUSAListings.Com is aiming to be the top online directory listing in the country. The website launched early this year but has already generated hundreds of listings and thousands of visitors. The internet directory initially offered listing for businesses coming from Arkansas, Los Angeles, and Philadelphia. Towards the end of the year, it started covering all states and sorting out listings by their industries.
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