Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Reputation Champ Announces Its Rescue Plan to Help Small Businesses Respond to and Remove Negative Online Reviews

Reputation Champ’s new online reputation rescue plan proposes an innovative approach towards the struggle small businesses are confronted with at having their online reputation sinking due to negative or false reviews. Their reputation management plan can improve a business’s reputation within 90 days.

Reputaton Champ
Reputaton Champ
Quote startNegative reviews no matter if they’re fake or misleading, kill small businessesQuote end
 December 18, 2012
Miami, Florida: 90% of online consumers go online to find additional information about a particular product or service they plan on purchasing, especially in the case of items with a moderately high or high price. The information they find online determines whether they finalize the purchase or change their mind, with 4 out of 5 consumers changing their opinion about a certain product based solely on the online feedback of the company.
“Negative reviews, no matter if they’re fake or misleading, kill small businesses”, says Marketing Director of Reputation Champ, an online reputation management company from Florida. In a move that’s aimed towards helping small businesses regain their online popularity and battle the negative reviews affecting their credibility among customers, Reputation Champ introduces the online management rescue plan, implementing efficient technology and tools to permanently monitor private data, remove negative content, manage social media accounts and improve Google rankings. Businesses are guaranteed to not only repair and properly manage their reputation online, but also gain an innovative edge in a highly competitive economy.
“If you’re being attacked on the web or have been wrongly accused online, the only way to regain your credibility and maintain authority is with professional online reputation management tools. The internet is used not only by clients who want to learn more about certain products, but also by employers who can eliminate candidates based on the information they have posted online or by organizations that establish a company’s reputation based on that of the CEO. No one can escape the internet and, if you cannot escape it, it’s better to make the best of it”.
Reputation Champ offers reputation repair, management and reputation monitoring services, offering a free 30 day trial and 90 day money back guarantee. Their plan allows businesses to create and rank a minimum of 10 positive assets on the first 3 pages of all major search engines within 3 months of purchasing their service. For more information on what guarantees they offer for the online management services they provide, please visit
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Reputation Champ helps businesses properly manage, monitor and repair their online reputation with the help of a specialized staff and effective tools. Reputation Champ offers Internet reputation repair service that suppresses negative content from Google, Yahoo, Bing, and as quickly as possible and keeps it off, replacing with it positive content about the company and its owner.
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