Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Social Media Agency, fishbat Inc., Releases a Statement in Regards to the Leverage Social Media has in Reducing and Preventing the Spread of Diseases

Following an article reporting a Kansas State University study regarding the leverage social media has in reducing and preventing the spread of diseases, fishbat Inc. offers their comments.

Bohemia, NY  December 18, 2012
On December 18, 2012, social media company fishbat Inc., comments on a recent Psych Central article regarding a study Kansas State University is conducting on the leverage social media has in reducing and preventing the spread of diseases.
According to the Psych Central article “A Kansas State University-led research team investigated the use of social media posts and tweets to spread the word on the value of preventative behaviors.” The article stated that if asked, people will be more likely to take preventative measures like washing their hands and getting a flu shot.
Gary Brase, Ph.D., an associate professor of psychology, explained that, “a majority of participants get their information predominately from Facebook and a few other social media sites.”
According to the article, “researchers discovered that not only vaccinating critical individuals, but also facilitating the circulation of health information to and from those critical individuals greatly helps in suppressing infectious diseases.”
Scott Darrohn, COO of social media agency, fishbat Inc., offered his comments in regards to the Kansas University study. “Social media is a growing tool that allows users to not only stay in contact with each other but to spread important information to others,” says Darrohn. “At fishbat we understand the importance of social media and its opportunity for businesses to better communicate with people as well as other businesses.”
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