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Friday, March 15, 2013

Social Media Agency fishbat, Inc. Discusses the Pope-Related Social Media Deluge

Social media circuits exploded with welcoming messages for newly elected Pope Francis. Social media agency fishbat issues a response, welcoming Pope Francis and bidding him a prosperous term.

Bohemia, NY  March 15, 2013
On March 15, award-winning social media agencyfishbat, Inc. responds to the social media response that followed the election of the new pope in Rome, Pope Francis I.
According to CNN Tech, 150,000 people gathered in St. Peter's Square in the Vatican to cheer the election of the new pope. An impressive gathering, to be sure. But the crowds in Rome were dwarfed by the millions who joined in to celebrate on Twitter and Facebook.
HABEMUS PAPAM FRANCISCUM (roughly, “we have a pope, Francis”) was the first tweet under Pope Francis' official papal Twitter account @Pontifex. It was sent minutes after Pope Francis took the title. CNN Tech reports that it received more than 54,000 retweets – about 10% of the all-time record of 500,000 for @BarackObama's re-election photo.
CNN Tech reports that about 130,000 tweets per minute were posted about the papal election and the new pope, a rate Twitter described as "very high" given that it was not a prime-time event. By early Wednesday afternoon, about 2 million tweets had been sent.
For a short time, every worldwide trending topic was pope-related, including hashtags like #habemuspapam, #whitesmoke, #Bergoglio and, in true Twitter spirit, #ReplaceMovieTitlesWithPope.
The @Pontifex account, according to CNN Tech, had been used by Pope Benedict XVI but was wiped clean when he retired at the end of February. A full archive of Benedict's tweets is posted to the Vatican website.
“fishbat would like to welcome the newly elected Pope Francis,” comments fishbat CEO and “Big Tuna” Clay Darrohn. “The role of Pope is a huge responsibility. We look forward to Pope Francis’ tweets and will be active on all of the Pope’s social media pages.”
Darrohn adds that the Pope’s social networks have gained a huge following and exemplify social media at its best. “The amazing response on all social networks shows the impact of social media. It's interesting observe this from within the world of social media marketing; Pope Francis has had a very ripe social media opportunity handed to him, and I can't wait to see how he'll use it. We wish the new pope tremendous amounts of luck in his social media campaign and we will be following him all the way.”
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