Thursday, April 11, 2013

fishbat, Inc. Raises $7,500 for Spartan Race Event Benefiting Island Harvest

With the “Spartan Sprint” at Citi Field coming up this Saturday, one of the leading national online marketing companies, fishbat Inc., discusses its fundraising goals to help Island Harvest battle hunger and help Sandy victims.

Bohemia, NY April 11, 2013
On April 11, fishbat, Inc. details its fundraising goals for its charity Spartan Race event this Saturday.
The “Spartan Sprint” at Citi Field in Flushing Meadows, NY is 3 miles long and will incorporate about 15 obstacles. As one of the world’s toughest obstacle course races, Spartan Race will include cargo nets, rope climbs, burpees and other physically demanding activities.
Clay Darrohn, CEO and “Big Tuna” of fishbat, Inc., one of the nation’s best online marketing companies, says the main goal for this event is to help out people in need. “Our team has already raised about $7,500 for Island Harvest through various fundraising activities,” he says. “However, many people are still suffering and we want to raise even more. Hurricane Sandy devastated Long Island, and even though it’s been six months, some people are still struggling to survive. That’s why we are encouraging people to donate in support of our cause.”
Darrohn says fishbat and Island Harvest created a Karma411 fundraising page to urge the public to donate. The page allows people to donate money, sponsor the event or create their own individual fundraising page. “Though we have raised a lot of money, there is still an opportunity to raise more,” he explains. “Many of our team members have begun fundraising on their own as well. The Karma411 page is available for the public to participate. You don’t have to run to be able to make a difference. Every little bit helps us provide food for the thousands of people affected by Hurricane Sandy and hunger on Long Island.”
For those wishing to run, Darrohn says there are spots still available. “If anyone wants to support the cause by running, they can still sign up with our team to run with us this Saturday!” he adds.
Willing participants should sign up for the 12:15 p.m. start time on Saturday, April 13 at Citi Field. To register with the fishbat, Inc. team, make sure you select the team “fishbattlers vs. Sandy,” and be sure to type in the coupon code “fishbat” when you are checking out. Visit the Spartan Race event page for more information.
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