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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Get Inside the Mind of Today's Mobile Users

The mindset of the mobile user is a unique phenomenon unlike anything we've seen before. On April 16 at 1PM EST, FiddleFly will host a free webinar, exploring the psychology of the mobile user and helping businesses use the findings to create more effective mobile content.

Building effective content begins with understanding the way mobile users think.
Marketers, advertisers, and business owners alike need to restructure their efforts to create content that drives real action.
Columbia, MD  April 11, 2013
Anyone that has suddenly realized their smartphone is not by their side has certainly felt the befuddling feelings of panic, confusion, anger, and paranoia that tend to accompany this loss. Whether we like it or not our mobile devices have pervaded our reality of who we are and in turn the relationship we have developed with them is profound to say the least.
While studies have been launched time and time again to explore the phenomena of mobile phone addiction and modern mobile dependence, the team at FiddleFly - a groundbreaking digital design agency that is making big waves in mobile - wanted to explore the roots of the impulses driving the decisions mobile users make. To do so they enlisted the help of a clinical psychologist, Dr. Gerald Ramsey, who helped them dig deep to the psychological and physiological beginnings of the mobile mindset.
The study produced some profound findings about true sources of mobile decision-making, and the team put them to use in creating innovative strategies for mobile and cross-platform marketing. Now, on April 16 at 1PM EST, FiddleFly's Senior VP Tara Wright will host a live, free webinar helping businesses understand and capitalize on the same principles that are driving FiddleFly's new efforts.
From principles like understanding the fear of abandonment to ideas like recognizing the mobile user's natural tendency to feel intruded upon, marketers, advertisers, and business owners alike need to restructure their efforts to create content that drives real action instead of leading to quick bounces. Ms. Wright will also explain how FiddleFly can act as a digital partner to businesses of all types to change the way their customers are interacting with their brand in the new media space.
To sign up for the webinar, simply visit and you can learn more about FiddleFly by