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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

fishbat Responds to the Use Of Social Media in the Live Below the Line Campaign

Online marketing firm fishbat, discusses the campaign to raise awareness about poverty and the role social media plays in the cause.

It’s great to see social media playing a role in charity...
Bohemia, NY  April 30, 2013
On April 30, online marketing firm fishbat, details a Newsmax article regarding Ben Affleck’s pledge to the Live Below The Line campaign, which requires participants to live on $1.50 per day for five days.
According to the Newsmax article, the Live Below the Line campaign was created by the Global Poverty Project. It raises awareness for those who live in extreme poverty by asking people to live on $7.50 of food for five days. Affleck is raising money on behalf of his own charity, The Eastern Congo Initiative.
The use of social media is becoming a large part of the campaign. fishbat CEO, Clay Darrohn says Live Below the Line announced Affleck’s participation on Facebook. Affleck also personally made a statement on his Twitter account.
“It’s great to see social media playing a role in charity,” Darrohn says. “Affleck is using Twitter to support both Live Below the Line and his own organization at the same time. By taking this campaign online, he raises more awareness and money for both charities than he would if he depended on traditional media alone.”
In the article, U.S. Global Poverty Project Director Michael Trainer says Live Below the Line had 15,000 participants and raised more than $3 million last year. Sophia Bush, Josh Groban, Debi Mazar and other celebrities have agreed to take the challenge, the article says. However, participation is open to all.
“We hope the use of social media will allow Live Below the Line to raise even more for people in need this year,” Darrohn says. “The added exposure and accessibility that comes with using the Internet creates more support, which can generate more donations and bring us one step closer to ending hunger.”
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