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Online SEO tools for Internet Marketers

Why is webmeup a great fit for
my SEO agency?
  • Switching between multiple projects and tasks with no mess at all
  • No more grooming numerous Excel spreadsheets — get all data neatly arranged in dashboards
  • Efficient workflow with real-time data and notifications across dashboards
  • Managing all types of projects from small business websites to large corporate portals
Having a beautiful website is not enough to generate sales and make 
your brand more visible online. If you struggle with online promotion, 
here are 5 proven and recommended solutions to help you save time and 
make your websites bring more sales:

#1. Get your site's SEO tracked and analyzed 24/7

You can't keep your site analyzed and optimized all day round... 
or can you? In the era of constant tweaks the search engines make, 
you never can tell what happens to your site right now:

* How many pages are indexed?
* How well are your landing pages optimized?
* Are your competitors' rankings growing?

Solution: WebMeUp
Creating a website project in WebMeUp can help you manage your site 
with no stress and get critical SEO data on the fly. All you need is 
your site's URL and some keywords to start with.

Check out WebMeUp

#2. Balance Keywords + Rankings + Traffic formula

That's a formula to online success - find the right keywords, let 
your site's rankings grow and get most out of the traffic you get. 
The basics to increase your current traffic volume are:

* Optimize some pages for "long-tail" keywords. They have less 
  competition and get you top 10 Google rankings faster.
* Monitor the Universal Search results in Google. See where your site 
  ranks in Google Images, Videos, Places, etc. - to optimize the 
  traffic-bringing pages.
* Always analyze how your rankings change over time. See which 
  marketing/SEO campaigns work best.
Solution: Rank Tracker
Checking the ranking data manually is no fun at all - and if you've 
already understood that, it's high time to let Rank Tracker do the 
boring job and deliver you the necessary data.

Check out Rank Tracker

#3. Maintain rich and healthy backlink profile

You already know that you need the right backlinks from the right 
places to make a better impression for Google. But how do you know 
what the right is?

* Analyze backlinks of your top ranking competitors. See what kind of 
  anchor text they use, how good the backlink pages are (age, PageRank, 
  Alexa, etc.). Mark out the backlink opportunities.
* Look critically at your own backlinks. Which are most effective? And 
  which ones bring most traffic? Mark out the best resources.
* Analyze anchor text variations and diversify anchors. Diversify with 
  brand names, "naked" URLs (e.g.,, add such phrases as "on 
  this page" or "click here" 
Solution: SEO SpyGlass
No time to manually investigate backlinks? With SEO SpyGlass, you can 
easily handle backlink research, analyzing your own and your 
competitors' links.

Check out SEO SpyGlass

#4. Ensure your site's pages are 100% visible to the search engines

Make sure your website's fully optimized on 2 main levels - onsite and 
onpage. Eliminate the critical issues that can harm site's visibility:

* Check if all important content is not blocked.
* Control the amount of Flash/Frame elements.
* Fix broken links (this also improves your site usability).
* Get rid of duplicate content - Google hates it!
* Optimize all page elements - titles, descriptions, images, text, etc.

Solution: WebSite Auditor
Not sure how to identify and fix the above issues? Create a project in 
WebSite Auditor (the specially designed on-page and site structure tool) 
and let the software collect the necessary data for you - you'll even 
get optimization advice in plain English.

Check out WebSite Auditor

#5. Leverage Social Media to increase brand awareness AND SALES!

Posting a tweet or two is not what social media management is about. 
True online reputation management includes:

* Diversified online presence - communicate on multiple social networks.
* Tracking one's brand mentions.
* Posting replies to negative and positive reviews of your product or 
Solution: BuzzBundle
Learn 4 more steps in this Online Reputation Management guide and see 
how using the BuzzBundle software helps manage all SMM activities 
under one user-friendly dashboard!

Check out BuzzBundle

Use these 5 powerful techniques and take good care of your website - 
just like a well-managed car, it'll never let you down!
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