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Friday, April 12, 2013

fishbat’s Vice President of Social Media, Sida Li, Speaks At New York University

fishbat Inc. touts its Vice President of social media, Sida Li, for educating students at New York University on the importance of social media in the world of marketing last Thursday.

Bohemia, NY  April 12, 2013
On April 12, fishbat, Inc. congratulates its Vice President of social media, Sida Li, for educating students at New York University last Thursday on the importance of using social media for online marketing.
Invited by Professor Sunder Narayanan, fishbat Vice President of social media and NYU alumnus Sida Li spoke at a marketing class in NYU’s Entertainment, Media and Technology program on how brands use social media to advertise and engage with consumers. Li says the Entertainment, Media and Technology program teaches students to manage every aspect of the media business, from finance and marketing to account management.
“I walked through the process of how brands and businesses could effectively use social media networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+ to attract more consumers and hopefully increase sales,” Li says. “I also outlined some of the most important aspects for brand marketing, including metrics.”
Li says it’s important to educate emerging leaders on new technologies because there are many misconceptions in the industry. “Just because you’re young and you have a Facebook or Twitter account doesn’t mean that you’re an expert,” he says. “There are many different uses for social media and people need to be able to understand how it could be used for marketing.”
While it’s a relatively new field, social media marketing is quickly growing, Li says. “It’s becoming a rival for traditional marketing,” he adds. “Social media agencies are taking the world by storm and changing the way the industry works. More companies are hiring experts to head their social media campaigns to engage fans and virally promote brand activity. Because the majority of consumers have social media accounts, it’s one of the best ways to market to them.”
Li says he hopes to speak at the university again next semester. “I just want to thank Professor Narayanan and the university, for the opportunity to speak about my profession. I hope the students enjoyed learning about social media marketing,” Li says.
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