Thursday, June 27, 2013

Facebook Gives its Activity Plugin a Huge Speed Boost

Think Big Online explains how social media professionals stand to benefit from this latest development by Facebook.

 June 27, 2013
As per a an update on 29 May, 2013 on Facebook, the social media giant has been successful in making its numerous plugins work faster than ever before. The social media giant, it is reported, has re-engineered the recommendations plugin to help Facebook page admins and companies offering SEO services reach out to their fans far more efficiently than ever before.
Commenting on this exciting new development, Samuel Junghenn, a highly respected social media consultant Australia and the founder of Think Big, commented this is definitely going to help Facebook win several brownie points for the alacrity with which it’s improving its services.
Explaining how this new development would help business owners increase their fan base in addition to enhancing the efficacy of their posts, Samuel said, “The activity plugin will benefit hugely from this speed boost. Earlier business page admins had to put in a lot of thought over each and every one of their posts. This, in my opinion, reduced the spontaneity which Facebook stands for. Now with this latest development, users across all sections would feel inspired to indicate and share through Facebook something they just have watched, heard or read.”
The speed boost would thus make Facebook activities far more natural than it used to be. According to Facebook, this recent enhancement has actually improved the speed of the plugin by over five times while making fewer HTTP requests. The load time has been slashed by almost half. While it took the plugin 1.14 seconds to load before the recent enhancements, now it boasts of a load speed of just over 0.6 seconds.
Samuel feels that this is bound to give a lot of impetus to SEO companies that perform Facebook marketing for a client base that’s spread globally. Facebook updates are all about being on the spot, made at the spur of the moment. “Companies like Think Big Online would definitely make the most of this speed boost.”
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