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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Think Big Disagrees with Ashton Kutcher's Views on Twitter

Think Big disagrees with Ashton Kutcher's remarks that Facebook is more effective than Twitter when it comes to promoting businesses online.

Sydney, Australia (PRWEB) June 19, 2013
As per a news update on 24 May, 2013 on CNBC, Ashton Kutcher feels that Facebook is definitely the place to be for companies that are looking to promote businesses online. While this makes perfect sense to most companies, the source of knowledge raised a few eyebrows.
Industry experts took exception to the second part of his comment which criticized Twitter for being too crowded and thus not being the best place for companies that are looking to promote themselves online.
Think Big, one of most respected digital marketing agencies offering niche SEO packages, feels that Ashton’s criticism about Twitter is completely uncalled for. It feels that Twitter, which the biggest micro-blogging platform out there has democratized content and revolutionized the field of journalism.
Kutcher, who’s one of Twitters most followed celebrities with more than 14 million followers, complained about the platform in his CTIA wireless conference. He said that as a regular user of the platform, he felt disgruntled with his experience of their service. According to him, as Twitter became more and more popular, too many people started using it to aggressively promote products and content. There was clear lack of quality control on the part of Twitter, which resulted in a reduced user experience on part genuine users.
According to Samuel Junghenn, a highly respected SEO consultant and the founder of Think Big, Twitter is still one of best places for individuals and companies to promote their products and services. Commenting on Ashton’s views, Samuel said, “I disagree with his view that the retweet button is responsible for Twitter's signal-to-noise problem. The retweet button is almost similar to the like and share button of Facebook. People use it when they see genuine value in a tweet and want to share it with their followers.”
Samuel feels that irrespective of whether it’s an opinion, a link or a marketing promotion, as long as the message is interesting to a certain section of the audience, it would be retweeted and promoted.
About Think Big
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