Friday, June 14, 2013

Think Big Online Suggests Radical Marketing Strategies to Take Advantage of Facebook’s “Boost Post” Option

According to a recent update on, Facebook continues to experiment and come up with innovative ways to help page admins promote their posts online.

Sydney, Australia  June 14, 2013
According to a recent update, Facebook continues to experiment and come up with innovative ways to help page admins promote their posts online.
A lot of page admins have recently started seeing a “boost post” option. This option has been added to help admins push their posts through non-traditional ads, encouraging Facebook users to directly see an update of a page they are yet to ‘like’.
Think Big Online (TBO), Australia’s biggest Digital Media Agency, has long been a strong advocate of experimenting and trying out a variety of different promotional strategies to get the best results for their clients. The company hails this new move by Facebook and feels that it can be effectively used by page admins to give a strong social boost to posts, which they feel should be seen by audiences beyond their present fans.
Samuel Junghenn, a highly respected social media consultant and the founder of Think Big Online, feels that companies should experiment with their Facebook posts in order make the most of this option. Says Samuel, “if a company’s Facebook Marketing strategy is currently limited to making daily updates about their products (a pretty conservative strategy), they should encourage their employees to come with a variety of different posts and give them a limited ‘boost post’ push and see which one gets the most attention.”
TBO feels that the “boost post” strategy can become the secret that can help small businesses compete successfully with the bigger players. The company, which has successfully enabled thousands of clients –both established players and upstart newcomers topple their competitors and become industry leaders, feels that it has been able to do so, by taking advantage and experimenting with the latest available promotional options, akin to this new release by Facebook.
Samuel believes that a conservative stance just doesn’t work on the Internet. There is a real need to adapt to changing online market conditions, which most companies can easily do by encouraging their employees to dedicate a small part of their time to radical experimentations.
About Think Big Online
Think Big Online is an Australian digital media agency that is widely recognized as one of the leading experts in Facebook Marketing. The company has published a number of case studies focusing on the efficacy of its viral Facebook campaigns and the strategies it adopted to maximize their clients ROI.