Thursday, July 4, 2013

Facebook Ads Work Best When Helped by a Social Context

Think Big Online agrees with the Sales Force Update that Facebook ads convert better when aided by a social context.

 July 04, 2013
As per a report on June 13, 2013 on the Social Times, Facebook even as it continues polishing its advertising options and adding a variety of different advertising units like the graph search, ads on its existing units seem to perform the best when assisted by a social context.
This was the update released by Salesforce after it had studied more than one million ad units and impressions of more one billion on its marketing dashboard in order to figure out which advertising units performed best on Facebook.
According to Samuel Junghenn, a highly respected social media consultant Australia and the founder of Think Big Online, the results were but expected. "We have over the years run hundreds of test ads in-house, which conclusively proved that on Facebook, only those ads which have a strong social connect deliver excellent returns on investment."
Samuel explains that given the fact that Facebook is a social networking platform, people react differently to ads than they would on Google, where they actively search for products and services, whose ads appear alongside organic results. On Facebook, only those ads which have social backing (or social proof) live up to the expectations of the clients.
Sponsored Page Like Stories in which users are shown stories that have been liked by their friends have a CPC that several times greater than non-sponsored stories. For such an ad, advertisers would need to shell out 43% more as compared to a regular ad. However, if they want to rapidly build a following and get a highly targeted likes, then Sponsored Page Like Stories are up to 14 times more likely to be shared and liked by Facebook users.
Samuel Junghenn predicts that soon almost all Facebook ads will have a social angle. "Now that Facebook has proactively started encouraging users to try out their Sponsored Stories advertising option alongside regular ads, more and more advertisers have started making the switch."
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