Thursday, July 4, 2013

fishbat, One of the Nation’s Best Social Media Agencies, Discusses NeverWet Waterproof Spray and Social Media Day

One of the nation’s best social media agencies, fishbat, releases the Fourth of July edition of “fishbat Splash,” which discusses NeverWet waterproof spray and Social Media Day.

Bohemia, NY  July 04, 2013
On July 4, fishbat, one of the nation’s leading social media agencies releases its Fourth of July edition of “fishbat Splash,” which recaps the biggest digital news stories of the week, including the invention of NeverWet waterproofing spray and Social Media Day.
According to the “fishbat Splash” video published on July 3rd, a new waterproofing spray is on the market. Named NeverWet, this waterproofing spray was invented by Ross Technology and can protect any product from water by creating an invisible impervious shield. When sprayed, NeverWet created a superhydrophobic barrier, causing liquid to bead and roll off the item, leaving it undamaged.
fishbat COO and Splash host, Scott Darrohn, says if it really works, NeverWet will be a must-have product for all tech-savvy adults. “One of the biggest fears people have is dropping their cell phone in water,” he says. “With NeverWet, water won’t be able to damage your phone and stop it from working. The proven technology behind it seems like this product is going to be very successful.”
The video also discusses Social Media Day, an annual holiday celebrated on June 30th to recognize the invention of social media and the way it has changed society. “Mashable created the day in 2010 and it has since grown into a global phenomenon,” Darrohn says. “People all over the world hold parties and gatherings to celebrate the connections that social media has created in the past few years. It’s a really important day, not just for social media agencies, but for individuals as well.”
Lastly, the video discusses a new social media café at the San Francisco Giants baseball stadium. The café is the first of its kind to be in a baseball stadium and features 55-inch TV screens. Café patrons can look at their social media channels on the TVs, as well as update statuses.
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