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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Social Media Agency, fishbat, Analyzes the Necessity of Social Media Etiquette for Celebrities and Businesses

In response to an article published on CNET, social media agency fishbat discusses the effectiveness of proper social media etiquette for businesses to attract customers.

Bohemia, NY  July 03, 2013
On July 3, social media agency fishbat analyzes the use of proper social media etiquette to promote a business or a public figure on social networking sites.
According to June 30th article published onCNET, titled, "Judge orders rapper to get Twitter etiquette lessons", a ruling by Philadelphia judge Genece Brinkley ordered rapper Meek Mill to participate in “Twitter etiquette” classes. The judge’s decision was determined based on the rapper’s violation of his probation, with acts including the posting of tweets that advocate his fans to threaten his probation officer.
Mill has been ordered to take these social media etiquette lessons with Philadelphia’s local radio station host, Dyana Williams.
Justin Maas, VP of client relations at fishbat says proper social media etiquette is vital for businesses and public figures alike. Internet marketing companies and businesses promote their services and products by perfecting their online social media presence. “Social media presence is necessary for the success of a business,” he says. “Part of creating a professional image is to communicate with customers the value of your services through online media outlets.”
Maas says the creation of a professional online image also applies to public figures. “Just as businesses need to utilize social media etiquette to attract customers, public figures need to do the same,” he says. “Celebrities and politicians need to build their fan base, and social media presence is one of the best ways to do so. We’ve seen many celebrities and political figures ruin their careers due to poor social media posting habits. While social media is a form of expression, it’s still a public forum that can be viewed by millions of people. Everyone should know that there are certain things you should not say on social media outlets. Inappropriate and offensive online posts could draw fans away, but if you portray a professional image, your fan base can greatly expand.”
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