Monday, July 1, 2013

Which Of These Dead Google Products Do You Miss Most?

Google launches a whole lot of products and features. Just about every single day it announces something, and quite often it’s more than one thing. It’s not a huge surprise that Google kills some of these things from time to time. It’s a large company, but with the amount of things it releases, it would be nearly impossible to keep them all going.
Usually, when Google shuts something down it’s because it just doesn’t have much of a user base, although sometimes that user base is incredibly vocal once Google decides to kill it.

As you probably know, Google announced earlier this year that it is killing Google Reader, and the day of its demise is very nigh. At least the many users of that product have a slew of alternatives to choose from, as seemingly other tech company on the web has rushed to scoop up disgruntled users. That very fact makes you wonder why Google is even getting rid of it in the first place. Obviously there is demand. Usually, Google is rushing to put out its own competing products. Something is odd about a mad competitive rush to replace a product Google didn’t deem worth keeping around.
To “celebrate” the end of Google Reader on July 1st, Wordstream has put out a new infographic looking at many of the the products Google has shut down in the past.
“With Google Reader on its death bed, and iGoogle approaching the end as well, we thought it was high time we revisited some of the many other Google products that we’ve said goodbye to over the years,” writes WordStream’s Elisa Gabbert. “Many of these products were great ideas that just never caught on with a larger audience; some had overlapping functionality with other products, forcing Google to focus development efforts on one over the other.”
Which product that Google has killed do you miss the most? Were you able to find a replacement? Let us know in the comments.
Google Graveyard: A List of Google Products That Were Discontinued [INFOGRAPHIC]